Are your words working for you?

goodbye long sentences, waffle and bland stories

If you want to:

  • grow your business
  • build a loyal following
  • hit your marketing your goals

You need a message targeted at your ideal audience.

A message so good their little hearts go all fluttery over it.

Communicating in a way that has your audience saying ‘yes please’ is my specialty.

Whether you’re a startup, a triple business owner or launching your franchise, I’ve got the skills and know-how to help you nail your copy and branding.

Why is good copy so important?

A muddled message brings confusion instead of confidence.

Confusion blocks people from spending their hard-earned dosh.

Together, we’ll untangle your ideas from messy text and nurture them into strong, sleek content. 

Let me create beautiful and powerful copy for you.


Website Copywriting

Dreaming of web pages your customers want to stay on?  Get copy more enticing than an open block of chocolate on cheat day.

keyword research

Help Google bring people to your business even when you’re at the gym, dining with friends or surfing at sunrise.


Perfect for the DIYer, find out if your website is hitting the mark for your target audience. Get advice on the flow of your content, tone of voice and user experience.

TOV Guide

With a tone of voice guide, you’ll know exactly how your brand needs to sound in every piece of content you create. Ideal for franchising or having more than person whipping up content.

marketing strategy

Nail your USP, brand positioning and opportunities for growth in a 1.5 hour, one to one session with me. You’ll walk away feeling confident in what your brand stands for, how to promote it and the next steps to take.


Stop wondering what to write on your blog and get advice from a pro. From content planning to writing the posts for you, I do it all.

Product Descriptions

It’s time to turn your products into the superstar they were born to be. Get PD’s that make hitting add-to-cart irresistible.

Video Scripts

You know what you want to say but every time you face the camera the words dry up. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight with a cleverly crafted video script.

Email Campaigns

Does your open rate resemble yesterday’s gym socks?  Let’s make your emails click-worthy and shareable.

Editing & Proofreading

Does your text need whipping into shape? Let me get your copy leaner and stronger than a marathon runner.

Is your project a bit unusual? Not a problem, let’s chat about what you need.

Why hire someone to write when you could DIY?

Copywriting is not just about how fast you can type.

It’s the art and science of understanding who you’re talking to, what tone of voice will reach them best and how to weave the words so they make your products and services the star.

Plus, why waste your energy on something you loathe doing? Give it to someone who loves a blank page.

You’re happier wielding a dumbbell instead of a pen. Or you’d like a few hours at the beach. Or maybe you’d love to spend the day with your family.

Spend more time enjoying yourself while I take care of your writing project.


Portrait of Tessa Rickard, Nutritionist

Working with Kara was a really smooth process. I gave her a very short time frame and she delivered great results really quickly.

Tessa Rickard - Nutritionist

Tanya Abdul Jalil from Your Business Wife

If you're looking for a copywriter that just 'gets it', then look no further. I've subcontracted work to Kara on several projects recently, and her work is consistently amazing. She delivers fast, high quality and well researched copy that hits the mark every time. Her creativity and problem solving skills make her an excellent resource for new projects (or getting current ones back on track), and her ability to create website content, blogs, ebooks, products and basically all things marketing for your business is unparalleled.

Tanya Abdul Jalil - Owner of Hayzel Media

Portrait of Leanda Michelle

From the outset Kara reassured me there's a whole lot more to marketing than being able to write well. As an author and creative artist at heart I found her expertise and guidance invaluable. I am grateful for Kara's patience and attention to detail, and look forward to working with her again.

Leanda Michelle - Owner of Original Me