Snap, Talk & Walk

Perth’s ONLY Active Content Creation, Networking Events for Biz Owners

Swap awkward networking and content overwhelm for energetic, creative and inspiring meet-ups!

How often do you talk yourself out of content ideas?

Time to get out of your way. 

We all need eye-catching content.

And we all want to spend time with people who light us up!

Ready for inspiration bubbling and high vibes without taking a month-long holiday?

Join Snap, Talk & Walk Crew!

Connection, Movement & Content

How fab would it be to have:

  • an extra set of happy hands catching epic moments for you?
  • a hype team cheering you on to experiment with your photos and b-roll?
  • a caring ear to vent, laugh and celebrate biz life with?

In Snap, Walk & Talk Crew creativity flows, you’re surrounded by people who leave you buzzing and we learn together.

Come and have an absolute blast with us!


Nothing boosts creative mojo like moving your body and getting outside. You get to choose your pace too.

Meander at the back, step it out in front, cartwheel, jump – whatever you wanna do! You’ll have such a good time, you won’t even notice how many steps you’ve walked.

Each event has a set route with plenty of stops for snapping photos, filming videos and taking a rest if you need it.


Ditch the stiff intros, business card blitzes and competitive vibe of traditional networking. 

Our casual meet-ups let you connect with other pros who focus on keeping it real and supportive. 

Some days you just wanna say hi to a few people and then you’re done. 

Sometimes you wanna meet ALL the new faces. 

At Snap, Talk & Walk events there’s zero pressure.


Wow your audience with scroll-stopping content!

Before each event

Get a custom list of content ideas for your business ready for event day.

After each event

Get personal guidance on how to turn your fab new photos and videos into engaging content.

No more content exhaustion or getting stuck.


Normal networking events take a huge chunk of time out of your day and leave you with little more than craving a nap.

You wonder if it’s worth it…?

Our events help you look after yourself by getting some fresh air, staying active and nurturing your soul with genuine connections.

And you’ll leave with shedloads of content ready to publish!

Fun, carefree networking you’re gonna love!

Plus a phone full of natural content 

Only $68 per month

Snap, Talk & Walk Crew includes:

Not only do you get one ticket per month at a hefty discount, but you also get 1-to-1 advice on how to make your content POP! (It’s a total no-brainer.)

Fuss-free events

Why commit to monthly events?

Consistent marketing is how you keep leads and sales knocking on your door. By choosing to show up for your biz every month, you’re dedicating time to content creation. Making it easy to keep telling the world how darn fab you are!

Where are the events held?

We walk around beaches, parks, towns and shopping centres. I’m always on the hunt for new, interesting locations. Most of the events are based in the Northern Perth suburbs. Some will be in Perth CBD or close to it and possibly some South of Perth soon too!

Do I have to pay for the events on top of my membership?

No, you get one monthly event included in your membership. The only extra costs are if we decide to hire a venue for a special one-off event or if you choose to buy a takeaway beverage for your walk 🙂

What do I need to bring to the events?

For each event, I’ll provide you with a list of recommended items but the standard things you’ll need are a phone (with plenty of storage), a water bottle and comfy shoes.

What happens if it’s stormy or super hot?

If it’s light rain or below 35C, the events will go ahead as planned. I’ll always seek out a route that provides shelter or shade where possible if the weather is unpleasant. If there’s a storm or it’s above 36C, I’ll assess the weather and postpone the event if necessary. You’ll then be notified of a new event date.

How long do the events run for?

Each event runs for 90 minutes. The first 5-10 minutes is spent chatting and making sure everyone’s arrived. Then we walk to our first stop, take some photos and videos and continue on in this pattern until the last 10 minutes where we’ll stop for some group shots.

How do I start a conversation or get help with my content?

You’ll be grouped into twos or threes at each stop so everyone gets friendly support and collaborates on creating content. During the event, I’ll also provide creative ideas as well as a set of helping hands. It’s much easier to start a conversation during our events versus standard networking because there’s no pressure to talk about a particular topic. Simply ask someone to help by holding your phone and go from there.

What happens if I can’t attend an event?

If you know in advance that you can’t make it to one or more of the events, you can cancel your membership (there’s no lock-in contract). Or you can let a biz buddy take your spot – simply provide me with at least two hours notice by emailing me with their name and contact details. You’ll also still gain access to the generic photos and videos I create on the day to use for your content.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?

You can log into your account and cancel at any moment. I’d love to have you sticking around but I also understand that life and biz sometimes get in the way, so you’re free to cancel whenever you choose.

If I’m not a member, can I still attend the events?

Yes, non-members are welcome but pay a higher ticket cost to cover the extra admin involved. Plus, only members get their personal list of content ideas before the event and personal content guidance after the event.