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Every communication you send out into the world needs to be working for your business, not against it. If you want to increase engagement and conversions, your message needs to be clear and compelling. When your message is confusing and vague, your audience turns to your competitors.

If you want to create a deeper connection with your audience, you need to have a consistent tone of voice. When you brand’s style changes between channels, your audience loses trust in your business.

Writing for your marketing doesn’t need to be hard or exhausting. I’ve created some resources to help make the process easy and enjoyable for you.

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Kiss your social media woes goodbye, woman kissing yellow and black boxing glove. Text, how to become comfortable promoting your business on social channels.

Kiss Your Social Media Woes Goodbye

Become comfortable with using social media marketing and get a bonus content planner! Click the image to download.


Business Writing Boot Camp

Do you put off writing tasks in your job because writing is not your superpower? This guide is for you! Learn how to write simply in six easy steps. Click the image to download.

Tone of voice list

Discover your tone of voice

Communicating with your audience involves more than knowing what to say. You need to know what type of tone they'll enjoy. Use this list of businesses with great tone of voice to discover your brand's style. Click the image to download.

KS PT Working w Mum's

Personal Trainers: Tips for Working with Mums

If your client is a mum, booking in the first session can be difficult. A mum's job focuses on fulfilling everyone's needs, your job is to remind her that she needs to come first. These tips will help you gain a long term client and a winning relationship for you both. Includes goal setting template. Click the image to download.

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Use the Hemingway app to check if your content is easy to read.

Find yourself using the same words over and over? Related Words is a free tool to help you find alternatives.

Stuck for blog post ideas? Try Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator.


Struggling to focus? Use the tomato timer to blitz through your do list.

Working from home? Keep you home duties and work time separate with Faye Holland’s tips.


Learn how to improve your site’s ranking with Kate Toon’s fabulous SEO courses.

Check out Moz’s free SEO tools.

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