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Booked your photographer? Fab!

Follow my prep guide to look and feel like a rockstar on the day.


If you want to have people posing as “clients” in your shoot, start organising them as soon as you book your photo session. You could ask current or past clients, friends, family or hire models depending on your budget and the look you’re going for.

3 Weeks:

Choose your outfits and take photos of them. But NOT selfies! Either get someone to snap shots of you in each outfit or prop your phone up to get a head-to-toe shot. I had my 11-year-old daughter takes photos for me and it made a huuugggeee difference. What I saw in the mirror was different to how the outfits looked in the photos. Figuring out what you’re going to wear early gives you time to get your wardrobe sorted if you discover your good clothes are out of style, don’t fit anymore or have stains from your fave choc protein shake.

On a tight budget: Hit up the local op shops and ask friends if you can borrow some pieces.

Got a bit of dosh spare: Instead of trying to create a whole outfit, hunt through your clothes for single items that you adore, fit well and aren’t covered in branding (unless it’s your own!). Then go shopping to find pieces that work with them.

Spending big: Hire a personal stylist to help you create a photoshoot wardrobe that suits your body shape, skin colour and brand style.

Don’t forget your shoes! If you’re not buying new kicks, clean up your old ones to make them look extra fresh. Use a magic eraser (found in your local supermarket cleaning aisle) to buff scuffs off white leather shoes. Polish black and brown shoes. Remember to clean the soles too, you might be kicking, walking or sitting where dirt or chewing gum stuck to the soles will ruin the shot. Plus your photographer will respect you more for not dirtying their set.


2 Weeks:

Start exfoliating and moisturising your body daily.

Amp up your facial skincare routine. If you’re struggling with fine lines and wrinkles, try a retinol or retinol alternative for around your eyes and hyaluronic acid for the rest of your face.

Start planning your props and adding them to the prep checklist (grab your free copy via the link at the end of this post.)

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! When I was researching skincare and make-up tips, every top-notch model said hydration was their no.1 secret to radiant, more youthful skin. Water is your best buddy so make it a habit to drink 2 litres a day, starting with a big glass in the morning.

Not sleeping great? Welcome to the club. If you’ve been hitting snooze on prioritising your sleep – stop. Along with plenty of water, getting good quality sleep makes a big impact on how we look and feel. Start tweaking your bedtime routine to maximise your shuteye. 

But also don’t stress if it’s a bit out of your control. 

The night before my shoot, my son had two nightmares (his screaming from the other end of the house had me dashing to soothe him). So invest in some brightening eye masks. I bought a three-pack and tested them two weeks prior to make sure I didn’t react to them. Once I knew they were safe for my skin, I used them on the day after my shower to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Week of your shoot:

Do hair removal at least 3-4 days out from the shoot. If your hair grows back fast, you could try shaving on the day and find soothing products to minimise razor burn or rash. For me, body hair is a personal choice. Despite 90% of fitness folk showing up with hairless chests, legs and everything else – if you’re happy with your pec fluff – keep it.

Planning on getting your hair coloured? Do it at least 7 days prior. If you’re trying a new colour, do it around 3-4 weeks before the day and use colour protection products to keep it fresh.

Send your photographer a copy of your prep checklist. (They’ll think you’re a legend for this!)

Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment. It’ll help boost shine and smooth out the hair strands.

If you’re keen on a spray tan or DIY tanning, do it a few days before the shoot. You’ll need time for it to settle and colour correct if you end up more tangerine than glowing bronze. (I chose not to tan because I adore my skin colour and got tired of trying to make it look like everyone else’s. You do you.)

The day before:

Iron/steam all of your clothes.

Clean your shoes (even the soles!) and wash the laces.

Pack your props and tick them off your checklist as you go.

On the day:

Shower – it helps wake up your skin and smooth out those sleep wrinkles. Don’t wash your hair, though – slightly dirty hair makes it easier to style. (Unless you haven’t washed it for 3-7 days, then you should wash it the day before.)

Apply deodorant – but make sure it does not leave marks on clothes.

Moisturise but don’t’ exfoliate.

Drink enough water. You don’t want to be weeing every 20 minutes, but you also don’t want dry lips. Start with a decent glass as soon as you get up.

Double-check the location. If you don’t know the area, look at directions before leaving the house. The combo of excited/nervous makes it easy to misunderstand the sat nav and get a little lost. (Yep, I did. Thank goodness it was only a 2-minute detour!)

Do a light-pump workout. DO NOT do a full workout if you’re going to be using weights during your shoot. You’ll spend a long time holding heavy shit in one spot and trying to look super cool while doing it. Smashing your body before a photo shoot is going to make struggle and look knackered.

Brush your teeth to get any chia seeds, blueberry skins or peanut butter goops off. Save your photographer from having to tell you they’re kind of spoiling your smile 😉


  • Lipstick or lip balm for touch-ups (nothing too glossy)
  • Tissues
  • Foundation (in case you accidentally rub some off in your flurry to change outfits)
  • Pain relief (you don’t want a sudden killer headache stopping you from posing like a rockstar).
  • A quick snack – you probably won’t have time for it during the shoot, but you’ll be hungry afterwards. Smiling, tilting your head in a curious yet friendly manner and holding heavy weights for long periods of time get tiring. Refuel and rehydrate to regain some energy. 

At the shoot:

Change quickly but be careful not to mess up your make-up and hair.

If you’re worried about a particular part of your look, ask your photographer to check you over before taking the photo. My fringe is particularly troublesome so I worded her up and she’d let me know if it was going wonky.

Ask to see a couple of shots during the shoot. This gives you an idea of how they’re turning out. I loved seeing these because some of the most awkward feeling poses looked incredible!

On a tight budget
Got a bit of dosh spare
Spending big
DIY by watching online tutorials and practising at home. Time how long it takes you to create the look you desire then add an extra 15 minutes on for the day of the shoot. You’ll be nervous and excited – so give yourself extra time to get it right.
Book a make-up mini-course nice and early so you get personalised advice on how to DIY.
Book a make-up artist for the day.
DIY by watching online tutorials and practising at home. Time how long it takes you to create the look you desire then add an extra 15 minutes on for the day of the shoot. You’ll be nervous and excited – so give yourself extra time to get it right.
Book a hair styling appointment with your favourite hairdresser.
Start booking regular appointments with a top-quality hairdresser two months before your photoshoot. They’ll help you plan out a haircare routine and can even do a practice run of your style before the big day.

Nailing your brand photoshoot takes some work but it’s so darn worth it.

And remember, smile and fun!