Bring the human connection back

How to build trust through video

We’re so familiar with the online world. We hop on to click, skim, click, read. Most of the time, we find what we’re looking for.

Research shows that our mental health is heavily impacted by the way we use the internet. When we engage in conversations and use it to purchase things we love, our lives are made better. But if we scroll endlessly, comparing our lives to others and making purchases to fill holes in our hearts, the web becomes the hammer that shatters our lives.

For marketers this presents many problems but also, an opportunity. If we reach out to our customers and help them live fulfilled lives, we log off feeling satisfied with our work.

So how do you create a meaningful connection with your customers? Through video.

Let them see your face and hear your voice. Let them know what type of music goes with your brand. Because if they like your music style and they relate to who you are, they already feel more comfortable buying from you.

Video Strategist, Ben Amos, recently presented at the digital marketing conference, Click Engage Convert. He discussed how videos are still being sought after by consumers. But not just any random clip will work. It needs to be created for fans of your brand. They love your brand and they want to hear from you.

So, your video needs to be targeted to the right people. If you get it in front of people who want what you have, they’ll love it and share it.

Without video, visitors to your site and social media posts build an impression from your words only.  Granted, us copywriters can do a pretty awesome job at using words to help them get to know you.

But nothing brings them closer than a video.

Plan your content

Before pressing record on your phone, take some time to plan your video. Make sure you have enough light, being shrouded in shadow doesn’t make you seem trustworthy.

Write a script and read through it first. It needs to feel natural but also not be a rambling mess that leaves them confused.

Think about what objections your consumer might have about buying from you. How can you overcome these in a video?

Don’t just pop up a 20 second shot of your product and a list of features. Show them how your sensational new product is going to help them live happier lives.

And remember, you’re having a one to one conversation. Make it chatty and entertaining. Use your hands and smile. Even if your topic is serious, it’s okay to smile when you introduce yourself. You want to appear friendly and appreciative that they’re giving up their time to watch you.

You’ll lose viewers faster than a road runner if you speak in a monotone voice and don’t move your face.

videos grow business

Don’t be shy, publish it

After you’ve finished filming, it’s time to review and publish your video. If you need to cut a scene out, consider whether putting a slide in will work. Slides help to break up the content and nicely fill any gaps.

Make sure you know the platform where your audience is hanging out. If most of your followers are on Instagram and you post it on Facebook, all the time and energy spent on producing your masterpiece is wasted.

Post it on YouTube to increase your reach and on your website to keep visitors on your site for longer.

It’s okay to be you

We all have unique ways of speaking. We all have that one word which we can never pronounce correctly. If you’ve never appeared on screen, it can be daunting to think about millions of people watching you.

Forget about the number of viewers and pretend you’re sitting with a friend.  Someone who is just getting to know you and likes your style.  It’s okay to relax in their presence, but remember that you need to show your best side.

If you make mistakes, start over or edit them out.  And if it suits your brand, you could have a bloopers reel at the end.  Nothing makes you more admirable than seeing you make a mistake and be able to laugh about it.

Get in front of the camera

Making a video will benefit your business as well as boost your confidence. It’s time to get planning, practice your most trustworthy smile and press record.

Has video brought you closer to your customers? Share your experience in the comments.