Natural born storyteller

From childhood fantasies to crowd-pleasing copy.


A girl with a blank page and a sense of excitement finds a quiet space.

Anticipation mixes with curiosity. The sudden rushing of ideas and creativity erupt. Her pencil flourishes.

She writes of fairies, dragons and epic battles. The stories take her to new worlds. She meets strange and fascinating people.

Her hand tires. She rubs her eyes and stares at the pages filled with adventure. She smiles.


I knew the power of words before I was old enough to explain it.

From the moment I learnt to string a sentence together, I fell in love with the craft of storytelling.

My fables were renowned in my family (and still are). Regaling my parents, two brothers and sister with fanciful reasons why the chocolate tucked away at the back of the pantry had disappeared.

Watching my older siblings navigate life after school taught me that pieces of paper don’t pay bills. My dream of becoming a fantasy author was put on hold to find reliable work. (I’m saving my J.K. Rowling moment for retirement.)

Always keen to learn and go where the opportunities popped up, I found roles in a variety of industries. Retail, hospitality, finance, local government and project management… they all share one element.

One action with the power to grow or destroy any business.


The way you communicate with your audience sets up your relationship with them. Your words nurture or shatter their trust in your brand.

In 2018 I discovered this thing called copywriting. What I’d been doing for so long had a real name!

So I launched my business. Combining all of my experience, knowledge and natural writing talent to help other businesses get their words sorted.


Okay, let’s get all gooey in the heart for a moment.

Being a mum is my most favourite role.

I’m darn grateful to have three energetic, healthy and challenging kids.

Gosh, do they push the boundaries.

But without them, I don’t think I’d be the kickass business owner I am today.

They taught me killer time management skills. (I started this biz working for one hour during my youngest daughter’s nap. Just one hour a day. To get shizz done.)

The lack of sleep, constant distractions and trying to meet everyone’s needs, it’s pretty relentless. But it’s not a challenge I’d ever walk away from. I love my munchkins around the galaxy and back. And I want them to grow up healthy in mind, body and soul.

The toughest lesson my kids taught me was to put myself first.

Not getting enough rest, feeding them but not myself, not permitting myself to have time out from being mum. It led to glandular fever and a stressed-out Kara.

Now, I do yoga in the morning before making their breakfast. I go for walks alone when their arguments are rattling my calm. Setting up healthy boundaries was tough but so darn worth it.

And I needed to learn that to succeed in business. I don’t take work calls during dinner time. I schedule work around the big events in their lives. Family first, business second. Always.


Noticing how meaningful connections impacts our relationships inspired me to combine my wordsmith skills with my customer knowledge.

Helping businesses get their message to the right people with the right voice gives me a buzz. I love taking your ideas and building them into compelling content.

Together we can reach out to your consumers and draw them in to experience all that you have to offer.

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