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Never worked with a copywriter?

Relax, I work hard to make it easy for my clients

If you’re feeling a little unsure, here’s my copywriting process. Knowing how I work means you’ll know what to expect from the project. After all, we both want you to be happy!



Warm up

We’ll chat over the phone, zoom or skype.  We’ll explore your ideal customer, your brand and a few other topics.  I’ll ask you questions to help me gain a better understanding of the job. This defines the fee for the project.  Each job is different, so the fees are created to cover all the work required.  We’ll also agree on the timing you’ll need for revisions and sign off. From our chat, I’ll create a brief and email it to you for completion.  Providing as much detail as possible gives me a better grasp of what you want to achieve with the project. 



I’ll send you a proposal which includes the scope of the work (what I’ll do), the quote and an estimated timeline. This way we both know what's involved and how long it will take. (I'm often booked out two to four weeks in advance.)


First payment

Once you agree to the proposal, I'll send you the first invoice. I charge 50% of the job upfront.  For projetcts less than $500, I charge 100% upfront.  



The sooner you send through the first 50% payment, the sooner I can get to work.  If you have a deadline, I’ll do my best to get it done in that time frame. Once I set the dates for the project, I work hard to meet them.  The time a job takes differs due to how much material you supply, your approval times and the size of the project. 


Ready, set, go

Once I have any background materials you need to supply, the signed proposal and the first payment, I’ll start working on the first draft.  I write all my copy in MS Word and prefer to use track changes.



Each job includes two rounds of revisions, which makes three drafts: first, second and final.  We should both be happy by the final draft.  If you would like further changes, this will be done at an extra cost to you.


Final payment

Once the project is complete, I’ll send you an invoice for the final amount.  You’ll have seven days to send the payment my way.  After you make the payment, all copyright passes from me to you.


All done!

We celebrate a successful project! You'll use the copy to wow your audience. I’ll ask for a testimonial to show future clients what it's like working with me.

Easy as...

putting on your favourite pair of runners