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Kara Stokes holding a tablet, wearing a blue and floral pink jacket

Hi, I’m Kara, your Australian fitness copywriter.

I’m a bit of a word nerd. But you’re not here to talk about adjectives and similes, are you?

Didn’t think so.

You’d rather know why I’m the best copywriter for your project, right?

Okay, let’s talk it over.

Weaving all the information your audience needs into an emotive story is what I do best. Because I love playing with words and telling your story, I’ll give your project the care it deserves.

Does a blank page scare you? Fear not, an empty white space is where I put my writing muscle to work.

If your brochures seem a little dry, let me make them so enticing they won’t end up in the bin. Or does your sales page need a little tweaking? I’ll get it working harder for you than an obstacle course racer.

Sales page?

Blog posts?

Lead magnets?

Yep, I write them all. Plus a bunch more.

Check out my portfolio to see some of my past projects and what I could create for you.

CYTraining lead magnet on a tablet
Women In Strength sales page on a mobile phone



Beyond putting words on a page, I care about helping you reach your goals. It’s important to me to make marketing easier and enjoyable for you. But it’s more than that.

I believe business owners thrive when they’re surrounded by a supportive crew. I’ll be your cheerleader as well as your word person.


Building connections is at the essence of what I do. And it doesn’t stop with connecting businesses to customers.

Bringing people together and watching them flourish makes me happy. I’m proud to be building a caring network and collaborating with talented professionals.


Sometimes it’s hard to see your business the way a customer does. We spend so much time nurturing and growing our business, it’s natural to become a little attached.

I promise to always (gently) give you my suggestions. And I promise to gracefully receive yours in return. Knowing you have open communication provides the best opportunities.


I take deadlines seriously. If you’re extra lucky, I might deliver your project a little early. Although life may throw a right hook or a jab my way, I’ll keep you updated on where your project is at.

Every project is like sparring – we both need to get in the ring for it work. If you’re able to fire revisions back to me on time, we’ll smash through it.

All the right skills

Copywriting involves a lot of research. We spend hours digging around on the web and asking people questions. It gets pretty laborious if you don’t have a little curiosity.

So, yes, I’ll admit to peeking over the fence to see what the neighbours are up to.

Ask any decent writer and they’ll agree, it’s not snooping, it’s research.

It’s also important to be a dedicated reader. Reading teaches you all the tools you need to be a skilled writer. From fantasy fiction novels to SEO blog posts, I’m always reading.

Using words to sell requires some key skills and I’ve got them.

Why hire me for your writing project?

Not only do I write about health and fitness, I love it! I get excited about the latest scientific studies on nutrition. I’m super curious about the latest fitness gadgets.

Yoga, meditation and massage? Yes please! If you need a writer who knows a barbell Russian deadlift from a single-leg hip thrust, you found her.

I promise to listen to your needs and find out what’s important to you. Discovering what your customers want comes next. From this, I’ll create targeted writing to help you reach your marketing goals.

Name: Kara Stokes
Email: ks@karastokescopywriter.com

Available as a speaker and podcast guest for everything related to writing, fitness, health and wellness. Also open to collaborations with like-minded brands and guest blog posting opportunities.

A little about me:

As a business owner and mum of three kids, I look after myself by doing yoga and weights sessions. My happy place is the beach, floating on the ocean rejuvenates my soul. I chose my niche because I love working with brands who support their clients to build healthier lifestyles and find happiness.


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Copywriter Kara Stokes in a black jacket sitting at a light wooden table working on a tablet.
Kara Stokes smiling, working on a tablet
Happy clients
I had never hired a copywriter before and I was a little wary about doing so. Unsure if what I got back would sound like me or I would like it. From initial contact to delivering my final copy deck, Kara smoked my language like it was me. Kara was able to take the thoughts I had and make it truly flow and come to life. The incredibly smooth process was so much fun and I was able to launch a whole new business off the back of this work in a very timely manner. Thank you Kara, please do more work for me!
Kara is great at her job. Through a clear & quick process, Kara was able to create copy for me that reflects the heart of my business while engaging my ideal clients.


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